Our Team

Amanda and Calvin make up Dr. Richter’s front desk team. Be sure to say hello the next time you check in for an appointment!

Amanda ensures that the schedule flows smoothly on a daily basis and handles most patient correspondence, while Calvin handles the financial and marketing ends of the business.

They are both lots of fun and love to laugh, so bringing a joke to share always brightens their day!

Dr. Richter’s clinical staff consists of Jessica, Karen, Melissa and Sharon. Together they make a winning team of orthodontic assistants who take great pride in the results their patients are able to attain.

Each day the assistants work diligently alongside Dr. Richter to prepare and execute the highest level of care possible.

Whether they are doing simple adjustments or taking an emergency case of broken wires, the clinical staff ensures that each and every one of our patients feel comfortable when they are in the observation chair.

We love to create strong patient relationships, and enjoy staying in touch with our patients long after they are finished with treatment. We love it when our patients share on Instagram or Facebook and show us the exciting things they are up to when they are away from our office.

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