Calvin Preps for the Big Game

February 8, 2019 0

Calvin is in full preparation mode for The Big Game.  He wants to let all of the New England faithful know that he is ready to step in for Tom Brady should he get the call, and that his phone will be on full volume.

When asked about his past experience in Football He replied: “I just want Bill, Tom, Julian, Rob and the guys to know I have their back.  I sent them my phone number this past offseason to see if they’d be interested to have me at camp but I must have missed their call back.”  As of press time, he had not received any correspondence from the New England Patriots.  He did say he had received some interest from The Cleveland Browns organization, but that he was holding out to see if he got an offer from Bill Belichick.

“I want to be ready to head out in an instant so I’ve been wearing the jersey all week. One of Dr. Richter’s assistants, Ashley, let me borrow some mascara. One less thing I have to do when I get to Atlanta for the Big Game”
“Some guys like the ball to be a little overinflated, some like it a little softer. I prefer to use an old shoe, myself.”
Calvin claims he was in line to win the Heisman Trophy as a Senior at Lasell College in Newton, Massachusetts, despite the college not having a football program.

When asked about his excitement level for The Big Game he replied:

“I’m nervous but it was really nice of them to wait and fly me out until right before the game.  Press Day would have been real stressful for me so it’s great that I can be at Dr. Richter’s office with our crew where I feel most comfortable.  As soon as they call me, though, I’m ready.  They’ll call.  I just know they will.”

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