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Are your teeth crooked or misaligned?

Crooked teeth are more common than many people believe. While some may consider this an aesthetic issue it is more than that for many patients. Crooked teeth can lead to several health issues, including:

  • Problems with chewing and/or speaking
  • Higher risk of tooth fractures
  • Cavities and gum disease
  • TMJD (Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction)
  • Bite problems

Thankfully, there are many solutions to this problem. Our crooked teeth treatments in Concord include:

If you have crooked teeth, your orthodontist at Luba Richter Orthodontics will assess your situation and work with you to decide on the option that works best for you!

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“I have helped so many patients fix crooked teeth! They love the results and I love to see their smiles.”

— Dr. Luba Richter

Frequently Asked Questions

What causes crooked teeth?

Crooked teeth can be caused by many factors, including:

  • Genetics. You are more likely to have crooked teeth if your parents or grandparents have them.
  • Childhood habits. Habits like sucking your thumb or using a pacifier for too long can cause your teeth to become crooked.
  • Malocclusion. This is a dental condition in which your upper and lower jaws do not line up properly.
  • Crowded teeth. This occurs when there isn’t enough room for all of your teeth.


What is the best treatment for crooked teeth?

The right treatment varies from person to person. Some patients may benefit from Invisalign (clear aligners made of plastic), while others may require braces. Our orthodontist will gladly recommend a treatment based on your needs!

To ensure that your clear braces always look great, follow the advice of our experienced clinical staff!

Can teeth be straightened at any age?

Yes! Orthodontic treatments can help both children and adults fix crooked teeth — although the earlier you get treatment, the better!

Can my teeth become crooked after wearing braces?

Theoretically, yes. However, you can prevent this by using retainers after your orthodontic treatment.

What happens if I never fix my crooked teeth?

Crooked teeth may not only affect your confidence. They can also increase your risk of developing other problems, including periodontal disease, tooth decay, and tooth fractures. If you have crooked teeth, our team in Concord can help you find a solution that works for you!

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