Helpful Accessories for Patients in Braces

November 14, 2018 0

Platypus Flossers

These floss picks are specifically designed for patients with braces because they have a unique spatula end on them that allows you to get underneath the wire. We can provide you with some samples at your next visit, but they are not easy to find in stores. We recommend buying them in bulk on Amazon so you never run out!

Floss Threaders

If you prefer to use traditional floss instead of a floss pick, you can pick up floss threaders at most pharmacies. These threaders allow you to maneuver the floss like sewing thread between your wires and brackets. We can provide you with a sample at your next visit!

StaiNo Brushes

These “interdental” brushes are a proven and safe way to remove unwanted stains around your appliances. These do not replace brushing or flossing, but can be a great way to clean closer to your brackets than other cleaning methods. These are also a great way to remove unsightly food scraps from your post-lunch smile!

Travel Brush

Keeping a toothbrush with you wherever you go is an excellent suggestion for any orthodontic patient. It will never hurt to slip away and brush after meals to get any unwanted pieces of food out of your appliances. Food left in nooks and crannies will attract bacteria, which could lead to cavities.

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