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August 28, 2018 0

If you have ever explored the possibility of pursuing orthodontic treatment for yourself or a child, you are likely aware that it is an investment in not only time, but financially as well.  At Dr. Richter’s office we are always trying to provide as many payment options as possible so that you can choose a plan that works best for you.  Last month we caught up with the current economic landscape and began offering online payments; a mere 24 years after Dan Kohn sold a copy of Sting’s Ten Summoner’s Tales to a friend in Philadelphia via his crude NetMarket website.  This month, we are announcing a new partner from the world of finance.  Let us introduce to you our friends from Lending Club!

Lending Club is a third party company that can assist you in financing orthodontic treatment for yourself or a child.  In many situations, the down payment is the biggest hurdle for families to begin treatment.  Lending Club has the ability to finance the entire treatment amount, and allow you to just begin making monthly payments.  They can also extend your repayment term for a lower monthly payment than we offer through our in-house financing options.  The best part about Lending Club, and something that sets them apart from their competitors, is that you have nothing to lose by applying.  Your credit score will not be affected by seeing if you qualify for the program.

We decided to partner with Lending Club because we believe they will do right by our patients.  The world of patient financing, and personal loans in general, is full of fly by night companies, baseless claims, and less than honest individuals.  After taking some time to get to know the people at Lending Club, we are confident that they and their partners will treat our patients with the same respect we do.  The link below will take you to our landing page on the Lending Club website.  From this page you can learn more about Lending Club and apply to see if you qualify.  As always, you can call Calvin at the front desk if you have further questions about how this program may work for your individual situation.

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