What Do Orthodontics and Robots Have in Common?

April 24, 2018 0

Mechanics, that’s what! And what better community event could there be for the Luba Richter Orthodontics Team to support than a Robotics Competition!

The robotics team called the FIRST Robotics Team 5813 has proven that mechanics, teamwork and critical thinking all work together to produce winning results. It’s somewhat analogous to the way orthodontic treatment works when, at the finish line, a winning smile is your reward.

Community participation is a big part of the Luba Richter Orthodontics Team. When they are not tending to the orthodontic needs of patients, they are contributing valuable time and care to local events such as the robotics competition.

As a key sponsor of the FIRST Robotics Team 5813, Dr. Richter and her Team display their pride in being part of a competition that supports local youth. When a member of the team stopped by the office recently, she even shared one of their hard-earned medals with the orthodontics team.  It is now hanging on our bulletin board in the lobby!

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