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Is your teenager ready to start their smile journey?

Being a teenager is never simple. But if you are interested in helping your teen straighten their teeth — either for cosmetic or health reasons — there is nothing easier (or more effective) than Invisalign Teen.

Using custom-made clear aligners, Invisalign Teen gently repositions and straightens teeth. There is none of the brackets, wires, pain, and self-consciousness associated with metal orthodontics. Because the aligners are easily removable, your teenager will have no trouble brushing and flossing their teeth. They can even take them out for special occasions like prom photos!

Remember, every orthodontic treatment (even easy-to-wear Invisalign aligners) requires a commitment. Your teen must wear their aligner for 20+ hours per day and change to a new aligner every week.

There are no restrictions on eating, drinking, or activities like playing sports. Invisalign Teen is designed to help your child prepare for a lifetime of healthy and happy smiles and does not interfere with their daily life.

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Over the course of treatment, you will see your teenager’s smile transform before your eyes. The difference is clear. Choose our Invisalign for teens in Concord treatment because of:

1. Comfort

2. Lifestyle

3. Results

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“I have treated many young people with Invisalign Teen and they loved not just the results but how easily the treatment fit into their lifestyle!”

Dr. Luba Richter

Frequently Asked Questions

Why can Invisalign Teen be a better choice than metal braces or other orthodontic treatments?

Not only is Invisalign Teen more comfortable and discreet than teenager braces, but there are also other benefits, too! Generally speaking, all Concord Invisalign for teens treatments require fewer office visits. You won’t have to worry about scheduling as many office visits around your teen’s busy life, athletic schedules, etc. And we can even use “virtual monitoring” if your family is traveling or if your teen is heading off to college or boarding school.

Additionally, with Invisalign Teen, you don’t have to wait to straighten your child’s teeth. You can begin treatment when it’s most convenient for you and your family. Carpe diem! 

What is the difference between Invisalign and Invisalign Teen?

The biggest difference is that Invisalign Teen aligners have a little “progress meter” built right into them. When your teen visits our office for check-in appointments, we’ll take a look at the aligners they’ve been wearing. There is a tiny indicator on the back that turns from blue to clear to white depending on how much they have been worn. 

Our goal is not to judge or make your teenager feel bad. Assessing their progress ensures that their teeth straightening treatment is as successful as possible.

What if my teen loses a set of aligners?

Invisalign Teen can be removed for eating, drinking, brushing, and flossing without compromising any results. That is one of the biggest benefits.

Unfortunately, life happens and it is common for teens to lose a set of aligners. We get it — and we are ready for it. Compared to Invisalign for adults, Invisalign Teen includes backup sets of aligners that are ready for action if a pair is lost or damaged.

How much will straightening my child’s teeth cost?

We understand that straightening teeth is an investment. We tailor every Invisalign Teen treatment to your child’s needs and because of this, cost varies from person to person. 

We will work closely with you and your teen to make sure both of you are excited about and invested in their treatment. This is how we get the great results our office is known for. We provide education and options, allowing you to make the best choice for you and your teen. We also offer flexible payment options that make Invisalign Teen achievable on any budget. Visit our office in Concord for Invisalign for teens treatments.

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